We’ve been wanting to get involved with the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for a while and finally found the right time and the perfect theme  to run with!

One of the many wonders of travelling is that so many of the incredible experiences you have are totally unexpected. From seeing something out of place, to making random detours and crossing unanticipated borders, this is what travel is all about.

It was too difficult to pick out a list of photos which held a candle to this one, so this is only a taste of what’s to come. We’ll be back more regularly from now on, with more from memory lane

So I came across this whilst walking down the beach in Dicks Cove, Ghana. Seeing such a feared, majestic creature lie there powerless on the beach was by far the most unexpected scene I’ve stumbled upon.


If you do want more, then check out last week’s very unexpected adventure in rural Uiseong.

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