Hi Guys, Oli here. I’m obsessed with my GoPro – I bought it in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. This amazing little camera is an insane amount of fun to film with – it changes everything. You can stick it to anything, throw it at everything and it always bounces back. I also film on a Canon 600D with a variety of different lenses, and do a fair bit of work on my iPhone 6. These don’t like being thrown so much though. Nevertheless, the three are good friends and their footage lives happily ever after in both iMovie and Final Cut Pro (the big don).

Most of my GoPro mounts are home made. There’s no need for fancy mounts, I used a back scratcher as a selfie stick for ages, but now used a modified monopod. All you need is duct tape and araldite, the cornerstones of any good toolbox, and you make anything.

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