Hello again everyone! After a long, silent absence we are back in England and back on the blog!

We spent 10 incredible weeks in Nepal during which the country jumped up into our top 5 pretty quickly. I don’t know whether it’s because we spent more time there than any other country we’ve visited, not including our year in Korea, but we couldn’t help but feel so at home in Nepal. It seems to have it all and it will come as no surprise that we have a lot to say about it. So I thought I’d get started, nice and simply, with a breakdown of what we got up to in numbers- silly facts and figures to give you a taster of our Nepal antics. Prepare for an onslaught of ridiculous mountain photos and superlatives!

Thorung La

Here we go, Nepal in numbers.

Places visited:

Kathmandu- 12 days

Pokhara- 17 days

Annapurna Circuit- 26 days

Annapurna Basecamp- 7 days

Bandipur- 4 days

Gorkha- 2 days

Bardia National Park- 5 days

Baktapur – 1 day

Bus in Nepal


Buses taken: 12 bumpy yet wonderful rides.

Jeeps taken: 3

Kilometers walked: well over 300!

Motorbikes rented: 3 gorgeous Royal Enfield bullets.

Yak burger!


Yak burgers eaten: 3

Hours spent discussing food: approximately 123.4

Apple pies eaten: too many to count. They don’t call it the apple pie trek for nothing.

Dal Bhat power gained: 33,456,990 kilojoules

Most expensive but necessary chocolate bar: 200 rupees

Mountains in Nepal

Mountains in Nepal


Highest height reached: 5416 meters

Peaks over 7,000m witnessed with our own eyeballs: 13

Books read: 5

Injuries: 1 unrelenting fungal leg infection (ongoing), 1 cut thumb, 1 stubbed toe, 1 rope burn and numerous blisters.

Amazing travel friends made: 5

Extreme sports undertaken: 3.

Times spent walking in tiger territory: 3

Tigers seen: 1!

Bucket showers enjoyed: 6


Annapurna Circuit

Other crazy stuff…

Games of werewolf played: hours and hours worth of endless fun! Get the app here and thank me later.

Prayer wheels turned: countless

Hot springs bathed in: 2

Things lost: 2 travel towels. Those things are impossible to keep hold of.

Things thrown off a mountain and then found: 1 GoPro.

Flip flops stolen by a yak: 1.

Thikas given: one very expensive mistake of a blessing!

Safaris had: 1 Jeep safari, 1 rafting safari and 2 walking safaris!

Temples visited: 7

Pictures taken: 3071 (and that’s just mine!)

Videos made: 6 and counting! View them on our Youtube Channel.

Times presumed dead: 1. Refer to ridiculous and inaccurate articles in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Sun…!

Oli and I

Annapurna Circuit

So, there you have it. Our time in Nepal in facts and figures. Over the next few weeks we’ll be writing about the Annapurna Circuit and all it has to offer, including detailed accounts of how much we spent and what we carried with us; information on all the amazing adventures to be had in Pokhara outside of trekking and how to fall in love with Kathmandu as we have done.

Tune in for all this and a thousand bazillion photos too.

Welcome back to Journey Count guys, and, as always and forever, please get in touch!

Have you been to Nepal? Do you have a desire to go? If not, what is wrong with you! Kidding. If there is anything you particularly want to know about this wonderful country, let us know and we can try and get it in a post.

Oh, and did you miss us?

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