While finishing my degree in May and June 2013, my trips down memory lane became more visual because I knew I should spend less time travel writing and more time studying! These posts are my point and shoot journey through my Gap Year in 2010 and I hope you enjoy them!

As I said last week, I am in the middle of my exams so am finding ways to still travel down Memory Lane without having to devote too much time to writing… And where words fail, photos sure say a lot. So this weeks post is devoted to one of the most visually impressive places I have had the fortune of seeing with my own eyes: Iguazu Falls.

I wrote about Iguazu Falls for Tropical Sky a couple of weeks ago for #62 of their Bucket List so if you want some more information on how to make a trip to this incredible place even more, well, incredible, you can check out my tips here.  But for now, let my trusty, old point and shoot do the talking…


Rainbows are a frequent joy of Iguazu, this one is seen from the Devil’s throat.


Getting up close and personal with the falls on a boat trip is a must when visiting the Argentinian side.

While the main event is The Devil’s Throat, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wander through the woods, along the wooden paths to experience the breadth of the falls from every angle. The scale of this cluster of waterfalls is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend visiting the Brazilian side first, to be able to stare down the chasm across all the seperate falls.


Through every tree, the white cascades can be seen and heard!


The blue of the sky on the days we visited contrasted vividly with the waterfalls.


Standing over the edge takes you into another perspective.

Some paths deliver you to where the water bounds over the edge, so you are looking down into the roaring white. While others take you down to where the water meets the river in an explosion of spray.


You are sure to get very, very wet!


Some of the falls sit alone between bends in the earth, impressive on their own but mind-blowing in the grand scheme of Iguazu


The power of nature is ever-present


So much colour!


But no gold or leprechauns!


A favourite profile picture for many months, oh how I miss that tan!

And then there is The Devil’s Throat, the largest and most powerful of them all.




If you have any flexibility when planning a trip to Iguazu falls, try and plan it around the full moon. The week around this time the falls are open at night so that visitors have the chance to see the mighty cascades in the light of the moon, with the stars twinkling above. With little pre-planning we were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time and were completely blown away by The Devil’s Throat at night.






When I go back to South America, which I will make sure I do, I will no doubt get back to Iguazu Falls.

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Oh, how I wish that last photo was me right now… back to revision it is though! 

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