Last weeks Memory Lane Monday I wrote about the first three days of our incredible Salt Flats tour in Bolivia, and as promised here is what we got up to on our final day…

I will just mention though that for some reason these photos in particular are a little on the grainy side- sadly I lost my memory stick while travelling so most of the photos from my time in South America are taken from Facebook so are not their original quality. But this trip was too beautiful to not post about at all! And I still love them…

We had to rise super early again from, our surprisingly cosy, salt beds in the salt hotel. But lack of sleep is always better than missing a sunrise like this…

A salty close up

A salty close up

Sitting on the edge of the earth

Sitting on the edge of the earth

It was the most beautifully surreal moment, seeing golden light rise over a vast white plain.



After standing in awe and taking a thousand pictures, we set off to the Cactus Island for breakfast. Cactus Island is literally an island in the middle of the Salt Flats covered in cacti! It was such a stunning setting to watch the end of the suns ascent and to eat a little breakfast cake and to look out over the incredible nothingness in to which we would soon venture…


The sun rising over Cactus Island


What this house is for I have no idea!

Cacti abound

Cacti abound

Thousand year old cactus

Thousand year old cactus

We took a little walk up it to see the panoramic views of the flats and managed to spot this guy off in the distance…


Was it a mirage? No, he joined us for breakfast!



After filling ourselves sufficiently and commenting on how strangely dream like the whole situation was (breakfast with cacti and ostriches and miles of salt- dream like indeed!) we drove out into the middle of the salt flats, leaving the island behind until the horizon was simply a line cutting blue sky from piercing white ground.



And then we took THE salt flats pictures. You know, funny perspectives of one person being a giant and the other really really small? It was so fun, but actually really hard to get all the proportions right and stuff! Which is why so many of our pictures just look ridiculous!






I couldn’t stop smiling all day.

If you ever get the chance to go Bolivia, the Salar De Uyuni trip is like nothing else you’ll ever see or do and if you pick the right agency the hospitality they will show you is amazing- even if they don’t speak any English! I also thoroughly recommend starting the trip from Tupiza if you are coming in from Argentina as the passing scenery and sights along the way are almost as good as the salt flats themselves…almost!

I would love to someday go back to Bolivia and see what else it has to offer. Have you been? Let me know what you got up to in the comments below, I love to hear from anyone who takes time out of their day to read my posts!

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