Similar to last week, I am sticking with the visual for this weeks Memory Lane Monday by showing you the beautiful images I took in Angkor, Cambodia, back in 2010.

Here is my visual journey through 24 hours in one of the most important religious complexes in all of South East Asia…

As I will explain later, I think the longer tickets are well worth it but if you don’t have much time then you can see it all in just 2 days… Starting with sunset. Grab a Tuk Tuk in Siem Reap, buy your 24 hour ticket at the entrance and head straight to the main event!

Sunset reflected in the moat surrounding Angkor Wat

Sunset reflected in the moat surrounding Angkor Wat

I’m sure there are more important reasons for building that moat, but I like to think it is there to ensure a nice long build up of anticipation for seeing the majesty that is Angkor Wat!




The changing colours of the stone as the sun sets…


Mind the crumbling steps!


Shadows and light in one of the many walkways…




Around every turn and in every corner there is something incredible…

Sadly, we had a cloudy, unimpressive sunset coupled with an Angkor Wat covered in scaffolding! However, with a little bribe and some stealthy climbing we did get to scale the building and have the place to ourselves! Scrambling over old walls and scaffolding, trying to be quiet but giggling like crazy is one of my funniest memories.


When life gives you scaffolding clad religious buildings- climb!


Old and new

After much snapping, and standing awe-inspired, you will surely get hungry so head back into the city, grab some dinner and head to Angkor What- the temples namesake watering hole.

Hopefully you won’t be too hungover to get up at 4am for an Angkor Wat sunrise:


It sure is one striking silhouette


The lady who sold us a cup of steaming coffee also pulled us up some chairs so we could watch the sunrise in comfort!


A morning I will never forget…





Coffee by the lake won’t keep you satisfied for long so grab some breakfast before hitting up the next two most popular sites: Bayon and Ta Prohm.




By far my favourite temple- I could have spent a whole day just here.






After our crazed excitement all morning, here there were no words…



You then have until the beginning of sunrise that day to Tuk Tuk your way to any of the other sites that tickle your fancy!


One of the lesser know but just as impressive sights


Not all is peaceful at Angkor- scenes of war


The power nature has is at it’s most astounding here…

And keep an eye out for posing Monks:


Monk spotting quickly became my favourite pastime


A little out of focus, but I love this image.


I love the drama in this shot- the young monks are the most fascinating to me

Also don’t forget to take in the details!





Beauty in grandeur and down to the smallest details

Beauty in grandeur and down to the smallest details

Ta Prohm up close

Ta Prohm up close


Love these random feet set into the path leading toward Angkor Wat

A little information:

We were swayed by the simplicity of seeing the sights by sunset and by sunrise, with a few daylight hours in between and I had an amazing time.

But, if I do it again I will definitely purchase a 3 day ticket. When he was there, Oli did this and cycled around, rather than having a driver. If you have enough time, this is the most leisurely and scenic way to see the beauty of Angkor, even in the heat! The cheapness of hiring a bike makes up for the difference in ticket prices and means that you can see a lot more of the lesser known sites- if you have the legs for it!

We spent some frantic moments rushing around in an attempt to find the temples we wanted to see and it was mostly hilarious, but I would have preferred meandering at my own pace, map in hand!

I hope you are enjoying these photo heavy posts!

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