We’ve done quite a few journey updates over the course of this blog, at the start of each new year and such. But, recently, we thought that it might benefit from some more regularity, seeing as our lives seem so changeable these days.

I know there have been times that even our friends have been thinking ‘where the hell are Oli and Jade¬†right now and what are they even doing?!’.

So welcome to the Journey Update, a new monthly series!

Hopefully this way, if I drop the ball with blogging again, you can still get updates about where we are and what we’re up to… hopefully ūüôā

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Where are we now?

Our friend James’ flat in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Where have we been?

At the start of this month we were still in India, which is kind of hard to believe as I sit here in Edinburgh watching the rain lashing against the window with Netflix playing in the background… although, Oli did just cook us some yummy Channa Masala (chickpea curry) so at least our tastebuds are still there.

Our last 10 days in India were split between short stays in Bundi and Delhi and a long one in Varanasi in between. We then had a perfect little stopover in Istanbul before heading back to England.

As usual, our 2 weeks at home was split between Oli’s in Hertford and both my parents homes in Hampshire and Sussex, with various friends sofas in between.

Finally, this last week has seen us back up in Edinburgh for work, which brings us to our next question…

journey count

journey count

journey count

What have we been doing?

In short, travelling, catching up with loved ones and hunkering back down to work. We’ve also made a personal little pact between us to get back into our creative sides, so Oli has spent every moment between work and sleep making videos and¬†I’ve been working my way through a several¬†thousand photos and journal notes!

Journey count

journey count

Journey highs

We were so surprised by the little Rajasthani town of Bundi and had an incredible time exploring its fort, palace and blue painted alleyways.

Varanasi, in all its unique and shocking glory.

We had pretty great experiences on the overnight Indian trains.

Spending time with Oli’s uncle Dave and his 60 year old film camera that attracted all of the attention!

Seeing our friends and family is always amazing.

Compared to elsewhere we’ve lived and worked, we’ve really hardly spent anytime in Edinburgh but coming back here kind of feels like coming home… although now I sense a pattern that we always feel at home in amazing apartments that we don’t have to pay for (Korea)…

journey count
journey count

Journey lows

I made a stupid mistake panic buying some train tickets from a guy who was obviously giving me the worst deal ever.

And then 45 minutes before our train we realised we were an hour away at the wrong station. It was stressful and confusing and I cried but a 70 year olf taxi superhero saved the day.

Leaving India was sad…

And arriving home to horrible stomach bugs 24 hours later after a decidedly squits-free 7 weeks eating curry was just plain ironic.

Top Instagram of the month

journey count

This gorgeously colourful shot of the Ganges and ghats of Varanasi is one of my favourites too.

What’s next?

We’ll be spending another 10 days in Edinburgh working on some awesome projects with the Turing Trust¬†and then its back home for a speaking event and CHRISTMAS!

Until next time, keep enjoying the journey…

x JOli x


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