Insta-challenge winner

Last weeks winner, with only 5  more votes, was me with photo 2. You gotta love traditional architecture and rolling hills!

What have we been doing?

This week was full of success, with Oli finally delivering a lesson his high school trouble-makers thought was cool! It was an extreme sports lesson, full of cool video clips off of youtube and they loved it!

For me, success will be judged tomorrow when I have my open class that I have been practicing all week. Some big guns from the Uiseong Education Office will be coming to watch me teach some cute 4th graders ‘what color is it?’. Hilariously I do not normally teach 4th grade, but my usual 6th grade class were deemed too chaotic for such an important event!

Our joint success was hosting another dinner party, but this time with my co teachers. We made curry, which they loved it and it was a really fun night that we hope to repeat in the future.

What have we learned this week?

This week we learnt an incredibly important phrase in the Korean vocabulary. Really? Jin JJa?? Which you can use in pretty much ANY situation you fancy, especially if said in a voice full of disbelief.

We re-learnt some of the higher numbers needed for understanding the currency here. We always ask ‘How much?’ in Korean but never understand the response!

And we also re-learnt the polite phrases said before and after you eat, which basically mean ‘enjoy your meal’ and ‘I enjoyed my meal’! I will not attempt to translate!

This weeks challenge

Photo 1.


Photo 2. 


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