In September and October Oli and I challenged each other to a weekly Instagram face off, choosing one picture to put up for a reader vote! 

As you may have noticed, we accidentally forgot and then purposely ignored last weeks Insta-challenge.

It was a very busy week for us, with Oli’s parents visiting, having another National holiday and also taking part in the Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour contest. You can see mine and Oli’s submissions, here and here. With those being photography posts, we didn’t want to bore you with images, but we are back today! And, we also have some new features we’ll be adding to this weekly post.

Insta-challenge winner

First thing’s first, the previous Insta-challenge winner was Photo 1., my shot of the Andong Masks! I must say, I am a little sad about your lack of Hello Kitty love guys, that shop was excellent!

What have we been doing?

Seeing as this is a weekly feature, we definitely want to try and give you real-time updates within it, especially considering that we are quite behind in telling you about the big things we’ve been getting up to.

Like I said, these two weeks have been rather busy as Oli’s parents came to visit. It was so incredibly lovely to have them here and we wish it could have been longer! We got to show them around our new homes, our new town, and we even got to discover some new places together as well. The big highlights, for me, were seeing the traditional fireworks in the Hahoe village for the Mask Dance Festival, finally getting to the coast with a weekend trip to Busan, and finding a local Hanu beef steak BBQ restaurant! Yes, it really is as delicious as it sounds and we will be sure to write about the wonders of Korean BBQ soon.

While they were here we also hosted a dinner party for the teacher’s at Oli’s school, which was a massive success! A word to my teacher friends: I know we are lucky to have the space, and to have had two extra hands helping to feed the 14 people there, but no matter what your situation I would recommend doing this! Our menu was simply pasta with tomato sauce, with salad and ice creams for desert, but it was such a hit! The guests bought gifts, we all drank wine and we even ended the evening with some guitar playing- it was a great night! I think his co-workers really appreciated it.

What have we learned this week?

To make ourselves accountable for how little Korean we’ve been learning, we will now force ourselves to tell you guys at least one thing we’ve learnt each week. Boring for you, necessary for us! Feel free to tell us what new language phrase you’ve learnt this week! Mum, I’m looking at you and your Portugese!

This week I learned to ask for ‘a small amount’, as in when I am in the lunch queue and don’t want to fill my gut with a kilo of rice!

Here is my (probably very wrong) transliteration:

– Jo geum chuseyo

This weeks challenge

Photo 1.


Photo 2. 


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