Korea Journey Handbook

CoverOur first guidebook is now available to buy!


After a year teaching, travelling and blogging in South Korea, we have a lot of passion and knowledge for travel within the country and decided to put that to good use by creating our own travel guide.

We’re not trying to compete with the big names like Lonely Planet or Rough Guide but we wanted to create a cheap and inspirational guide on the top places to visit and all the off the beaten track gems too.

Our goal is help people realise how amazing a travel destination Korea really is, those at home and those already living there.

Within the handbook you’ll find exciting itineraries, city walking tour ideas, beautiful photos and so much more. If you want a more personal guide to Korea, this is the book for you.

You can buy it on the Kindle store for £2.58 by clicking this link.

You can also buy it directly through paypal and receive a downloadable PDF via email by clicking on the link below. This will charge you $4.99 or £3.50.

Korea - Journey Handbook
Price: $4.99 USD