I am very happy to announce that the lovely Hedgers Abroad have nominated me to take part in the Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour Photo Contest.

This is the second year Travel Supermarket have run this awesome contest and I’m super excited to put forward my photos. The rules are simple:

1. Publish photos that best represent 5 colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White.

2. Help spread the word of the contest by nominating 5 other bloggers.

3. Email or tweet Travel Supermarket to let them know that you have joined the contest.

4. Check their twitter account to see who wins!

So, without further ado, from my ever-growing travel photo collection, are my top 5 colourful images:



The incredible heaven lake at Changbaishan, China, with North Korea sitting unmenacingly across the water.



A Tibetan Monk flipping his robe in Xiahe, China.



The unmistakeable Great Wall of China, green and vibrant and spectacular in the June sunshine.



A man, dressed head to toe in yellow, sitting amidst the flying sand in Malindi, Kenya.



I worried that the white category would be hard to find an image for, until I remembered this one from Lalibela, Ethiopia. This is still one of my all time favourite photos.

And to spread the excitement, here are my nominations:

  1. My lovely friend Kat at North Leads to Home
  2. The wonderful Gusundheit, Suze!
  3. One of my favourites here on wordpress World Via Standby
  4. The philanthropic Life out of the Box
  5. And because he does not have his own blog, but he does have his own Camera, my very own Oli will be posting his own submissions this week on Journey Count.

The deadline is on Wednesday, so I am sorry for how late this is! But better late than never…

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