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5 Easy Overnight Trips from Hanoi

Getting out of the city is the most important piece of advice I give to new expats living in Hanoi. Hanoi is endlessly fascinating, full of incredible food and bursting with fun ways to spend your time creatively. Hanoi is also heavily polluted, constantly noisy and...

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Stories from Varanasi

Arriving in Varanasi was way less crazy than we imagined it would be. From the train station, a long but cheap rickshaw ride could only take us so far. Once we reached the tight maze of alleys we strapped our bags on our backs and make our way to the river.... No one...

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Expat Life in Hanoi: The Best and The Worst

Expat life in Hanoi, at its worst... The sky hangs heavy, drooping to touch the tips of lonely towers. A jacket, a waterproof, a mask, a helmet, visor down, and still the air gets in. Dreaming of a home where no one would usually rather be for the weather... The wind...
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What Driving Sh@#$y Bikes in Vietnam Has Taught Me about Life and Travel

Living in Vietnam, you won’t get very far without renting, buying or borrowing a bike. Whether you go for a giant automatic that resembles a spaceship, a classic traveller Win or Wave or something in between, you quickly become accustomed to zipping down tiny alleys...
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Moving to Vietnam; Finding a Teaching Job in Hanoi

In this series we are outlining our tips for moving to Vietnam, to help you get set up and settled in as quickly and easily as possible. Our first week has almost seemed too easy and we are already loving expat life in Hanoi! In this post I'm going to talk about...
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Don’t Miss the Side Trips on the Annapurna Circuit

I’ve given you the lowdown on which towns Oli and I enjoyed the most along the Annapurna Circuit, towns we think shouldn’t be missed and now I want to describe a couple of the day trips and detours that shouldn’t be left out either. The circuit alone is stunning...
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The Korea Guide is Here, Available to Buy Now!

Korea Journey Handbook Our first guidebook is now available to buy!   After a year teaching, travelling and blogging in South Korea, we have a lot of passion and knowledge for travel within the country and decided to put that to good use by creating our own...
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Sokcho Beach Camping, Or Adventures in Avoiding the Korean Military

You know a destination is a great one when you can still fall in love with it even in the worst weather. With only a day and a half of sunshine over our five day weekend at the beginning of June, Sokcho became that place for us. There was just some thing about that...
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Kem Waterfall and Pu Mat National Park

Our first foray into the many National Parks along the Ho Chi Minh Highway had not been successful. My fruitless google searches of Ben En National Park and Ben En homestay options should have been an indicator that something was amiss. We rode all the way into the...
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The Scottish Coast and a Lesson in Backyard Adventures

"When I was a boy in Scotland, I was fond of everything that was wild" John Muir John Muir must have had a very happy childhood because what we've seen of Scotland thus far was most definitely wild and that's saying something as we've been spending a lot of time...
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The Astounding and the Ordinary in Bhaktapur

Nepal's Kathmandu valley is home to three major historical centres, the downtown Durba Square in Kathmandu itself, as well as two others of the same name in Bhaktapur and Patan, a short drive from town. Having spent a good deal of time people watching in Kathmandu we...
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Two of the Most Unique Things We Saw in India

  There was one place in India that continued to be highly recommended, again and again. It was a place that promised unique sights and events that we wouldn't find elsewhere in the country and, despite it's relative distance from all other places on our to-visit...
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Gubeikou, where The Great Wall of our dreams was found

Someone shook me from my short slumber, trying to tell me something: "Let’s go watch the sunrise on the Wall". I rubbed my eyes with the backs of my hands, digesting the proposed plan. I looked at the clock; it was 3.45am. "Ok. Yeh, absolutely". After a much needed...
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Weekend Trips from Hanoi: Pu Luong Nature Reserve

This week we may have found the most idyllic of weekend trips from Hanoi. A place so beautiful the sweat on your face will be mixed with happy tears. A place so tranquil you will forget there is traffic in Hanoi. A place so devoid of tourists you will consider not...
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