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2017 in Review: Top Journeys

Each year at the end of another adventure-filled 365 days, I like to look back at the top journeys of the year. It's my little nod to the name of this blog and a lovely way to look at how far we've come. In 2014, our best journeys included a sunrise boat ride to...
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Taiwan Itinerary: 7 Days in 4 Destinations

In recent years, Oli and I have been trying our hardest to slow our travels down. Rushing through a country means you have less down time (exhausting), more time spent in transit (no fun) and everything begins to blur into one, which defies the point in visiting so...
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Vietnam Visa Run Ideas to Make the Most of Living in Asia

We just got back from another incredible Vietnam visa run/birthday trip to Taiwan and it really got us thinking about making the most of the expat situation here in Vietnam. Chances are that if you are currently living in Vietnam as an expat, you may be doing so on...
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‘I Remember…’ | Travel Edition | Part 1

I've recently discovered a new love for creative writing and have been lucky to join two writing groups here in Vietnam where I can exercise my writing skills in new ways. One of our most recent prompts was simply 'I Remember'. Based on the cult classic of the same...
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Hanoi to Hoi An, Stories from a Vietnam Road Trip

After months and months of dreaming and planning and decisions and changes, we finally set off on our road trip on a cloudy Monday in August. Bad weather had us facing the wheels South, not North and we spent 12 days travelling by bike from Hanoi to Hoi An. It was...
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Renting a House in Hoi An: Two Homes in Cam Chau for Under $350

We just signed a two-month lease in Hoi An! Yep, after just a month on the road, we are settling back into another stint as Vietnam expats but this time renting a house in Hoi An. Life on the bike (plus one week in Taiwan) was amazing and we could have certainly...
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How to Use Google Maps to Make Travel Super Duper Easy

I remember the days when all I used my phone for when travelling was to play music on long distance bus journeys. Back then my phone had no internet and I didn’t even buy local sim cards in order to use it for what it was made for. It was a glorified MP3 player and it...
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8 of the Best Weekend Trips from Hanoi

We recently wrote a guide to easy overnight trips from the city and now we’re here to follow up with the best weekend trips from Hanoi. Hanoi is well placed for some incredible road trips in all directions, so there is no excuse to get stuck in the city. In fact,...
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