Me and Oli in jiuzhaigou national park, China, 2012
Me and Oli in jiuzhaigou national park, China, 2012

Journey count: to count our journeys and an account of our journeys. A blog about travel.

We are Jade and Oli, two travel crazy Brits who are trying to make the journey of our lives one that we love and that we can be proud of. We are trying to make the journey count.

We started this blog to documents the journeys we have taken, and those we have yet to take. If you love travel, are interested in teaching abroad or simply want to see what a couple of 20 somethings get up to out in the big wide world, then read on!

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Our Journey

Oli and I met travelling in Vietnam on our Gap Years and this chance meeting set the stage for our whole relationship, and the trajectory of our lives really. We had a little whirlwind romance in South East Asia and it just so happened that we were both planning to go to the same university back in England...

Our three years at uni were full of as much travel as we could fit in. From East Africa, to China, to the US and a few European sojourns in between, every penny we had was spent on adventure and after each trip we went back to plotting how we could make a life of travel a longer term reality.

We made the best decision possible after graduating by applying to be English teachers in South Korea. We had the most incredible year attempting to educate children and exploring every corner of one of Asia's most underrated countries. When Oli's contract couldn't be renewed we set off to travel some more and discovered a new area of South East Asia in Malaysia and fell in love with Nepal.

2015 was spent back at home working in the non-profit sector with one of our best friends, still trying to travel by any means. We went to Ghana with work and then fulfilled our travel dream of backpacking in India.

And now? We're going back to the classroom and making a new expat life in Vietnam. The rest is open to adventure...

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